Dyker Heights

June 30, 2017 / 3:43 PM
The Vegas Diner was such a great place, its regular customers are so sorry to see them close after serving our community for all these years! Their staff were a really great bunch of people: Jimmy, Bakry, Abraham, Irma, Donna and the rest were just wonderful throughout the years. You will all be missed very, very much! Wishing you all much success in your future endeavors and many thanks for your great service!

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June 30, 2017 / 1:47 PM
Good Riddance.

This has been happening in sunset park for years and DOB has done nothing!! Literally made hundreds of 311 complaints and nothing was done. Homes there are ruined. Councilman Menchaca is useless. Thought he would have made a difference. He us worse than his predecessor

They should visit Boro Park as well. Many illegal conversions there.

So you'd rather see firefighters be put in danger, due to these illegal conversion? That's sad. Also, the strain on the infrastructure is a hardship for the occupants of legal homes.

I've been saying this for years!

Who is this guy?! So he just bursts into people's houses, assumes they are doing illegal conversions, assumes workers are non-union (plus people can hire whomever they want to work on their houses, unions don't usually do private construction work) and calls the papers? What's next? He better stay away from my house or I'll call the cops

A good way to crack down on these illegal conversions, over crowding in the schools and limited to no parking is to ask every public school to provide the address for each of the students in the school. You would be surprised at how many students (10 or more) use the same address in certain neighborhoods just to get into a particular school. Meanwhile it's a 1-2 family house and all the kids using this address have different last names.

Well that's good news for a transit starved parts of Bay Ridge.

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