Bay Ridge

Can the NYPD bring down crime underground just like aboveground? Time will tell.

Dino, the Bay Ridge Conservancy, the Historic Districts Council, CM Brannan's office, and Friends of Terra Cotta and CB10 have tried to stop this and get in touch with the owner. Historic orgs are doing something, but it's hard to galvanize the community. Why don't you call the owner and tell them to stop? 917-753-9214. We need more community involvement for historic preservation in the neighborhood, would you like to help?

Such a shame. The facade at the old post office/bowling ally at 87th street and fourth avenue, D2 store is being replaced with ugly red brick cover up. Why our historical organizations are not doing anything to save the beautiful facade of our old post office is beyond my understanding. Bay Ridge historical architecture is disappearing.

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This was tough to see. I was at this pool hall all the time throughout my teens and twenties. I knew everyone on a first name basis and they knew me by name. Taught countless people how to play pool and ping pong and had so many great times and laughs. Sorry to see it go.

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March 22, 2018 / 9:27 PM
I have many fond memories of this place from my teenage years in the 90s. He's absolutely right: it was a place where us teenagers could go and we'd be welcomed (and we'd stay out of trouble!) Thanks for being there for us. Wishing your family the best in the future.

Congratulations Mary Koren!

The Art of Brooklyn Film Fest is coming back to Bay Ridge for the 4th year! Friday, June 9th at 8PM we\'re screening our \"I Love Brooklyn: People and Places\" block of new documentaries. The venue is PS/IS 30 at 4th Ave and Ovington. Use the code ART17 to save $2! See our full schedule at

Yepp! This is Bay Ride!

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